McCarroll-James-PanelistJames E. McCarroll, PhD, MPH

Professor (Research) in the Department of Psychiatry and Senior Scientist in the Center for the Study of Traumatic Stress (CSTS) of the Uniformed Services University School of Medicine

Dr. McCarroll is a research psychologist and Director of the Family Violence Project of the CSTS. He is a graduate of the University of Arkansas and the Harvard School of Public Health. He served as a research and clinical psychologist in the Army. His internship in clinical psychology was at the Silas B. Hays Army Hospital, Fort Ord, California.  His clinical assignments were in Berlin, Germany, and the Walter Reed Army Hospital. His research assignments included the Headquarters, Medical Research and Development Command, the Army Research Institute of Environmental Medicine and the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research. He retired from U.S. Army as Colonel and was awarded the Legion of Merit. His current research interests are in family maltreatment and traumatic stress. He has worked in the area of family violence for nearly 20 years and with the Army mortuary affairs community for over 25 years conducting research with soldiers, advising command on policies affecting and teaching about the psychological stress. He has worked with the Army family violence community on child maltreatment and domestic violence and in conducting research on family maltreatment. These studies have included the relation of family violence to Army deployment, the association of deployment with child neglect in the Army, and mutual and non-mutual domestic violence. He and scientists at the CSTS were the first to publish on the increasing rates of child neglect in the Army during the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. He is a reviewer for numerous scientific journals in family maltreatment and psychological stress. He has over 100 published journal articles, book chapters, and book reviews. He is the editor of Joining Forces, Joining Families, the U.S. Army periodical on family violence and is senior editor of the book Family Violence Research, Assessment and Interventions: Looking Back, Looking Ahead, interviews from Joining Forces, Joining Families.