Heyman-portraitDr. Richard Heyman

Co-director of the Family Translational Research Group and Professor at New York University

Dr. Heyman has received 45 grants/contracts from major U.S. funding agencies on a variety of family topics, from anger escalation in couples to the impact of family violence on children to community-level prevention of family maltreatment, substance problems, and suicidality.

Dr. Heyman has published over 125 scientific articles/chapters focused on couple dysfunction, intimate partner violence (IPV) and child maltreatment. His work with the U.S. Army (1994–1996) included installation-level surveys on IPV and comparison of Army IPV rates to civilian rates. Since 1998, he has conducted research with the U.S. Air Force on (a) developing innovative approaches to estimating partner and child maltreatment prevalences; (b) creating and testing reliable criteria for partner and child maltreatment; (c) studying risk and protective factors for secretive problems (partner and child maltreatment; suicidality; alcohol abuse and drug misuse); and (d) developing and testing (through randomized controlled trials) community approaches to prevention of secretive problems.

Dr. Heyman has a long history of developing and testing interventions for couples and families. Among this published work or that currently receiving grant support for development are (a) couples approaches for the treatment of IPV; (b) couples interventions for new parents (the Couple CARE for Parents of Newborns and Couple CARE for Parents of Toddlers programs); (c) evidence-guided framework for community prevention of secretive problems (NORTH STAR in military communities; POLARIS in university communities); and (d) stepped interventions (i.e., at different levels of intensity of intervention) for military couples (the Actions for Resilience and Maintenance of Operational Readiness [ARMOR] Program).

Dr. Heyman is a licensed psychologist.