William R. Saltzman, Ph.D.Saltzman

Clinical psychologist and Associate Director of the Nathanson Family Resilience Center (NFRC) at the UCLA Semel Institute for Neuroscience and Human Behavior

For the past eighteen years he has developed and implemented trauma and loss focused programs for children and families contending with disaster, war, and community violence. His scholarly and service-related work has centered on understanding and enhancing resilience among military families contending with multiple wartime deployments, parental injury and distress.  He is co-developer of the FOCUS Family Resilience Enhancement Program that has been implemented at military installations across the United States, and works closely with the Center for Traumatic Stress at USUHS on an ongoing randomized controlled study of a combat-injured version of the FOCUS program.  Over the past four years, Dr. Saltzman and the NFRC have partnered with the Los Angeles County, Department of Mental Health, the largest public mental health organization in the country, to provide FOCUS Family Resilience services to veterans across LA County.  Through the NFRC, he is involved in efforts to make these evidence-based services available to remotely located veterans, especially National Guard and Reserve components, via the development of computer applications and innovations in tele-health services. He is co-editor of a special issue on military families from the Clinical Child and Family Psychology Review that is currently in press.