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Panelists’ Readings

Panel 1
Combat to Garrison:  Transitions Affecting the Soldier and the Military Family of 2025

When War Comes Home: The Effect of Combat Service on Domestic Violence
Resul Cesur, Joseph J. Sabia

Child Neglect in Army Families: A Public Health Perspective
Carol S. Fullerton, James E. McCarroll, Margaret Feerick, Jodi McKibben, Stephen Cozza, Robert J. Ursano, Child Neglect Workgroup

Mild Traumatic Brain Injury in U.S. Soldiers Returning from Iraq
Charles W. Hoge, Dennis McGurk, Jeffrey L. Thomas, Anthony L. Cox Charles C. Engel, Carl A. Castro

Alcohol Use in Nonmutual and Mutual Domestic Violence in the U.S. Army: 1998–2004
James E. McCarroll, Zizhong Fan, Nicole S. Bell

Trends in US Army Child Maltreatment Reports: 1990–2004
James E. McCarroll, Zizhong Fan, John H. Newby, Robert J. Ursano

Panel 2
Problems Facing Military Families in Transition:  Learning from the Science of Stressors

Military Families and Children During Operation Iraqi Freedom
Stephen J. Cozza, Col. Ryo S. Chun, James A. Polo

Family-Centered Care for Military and Veteran Families Affected by Combat Injury
Stephen J. Cozza, Allison K. Holmes, Susan L. Van Ost

Evaluation of a Family-Centered Prevention Intervention for Military Children and Families Facing Wartime Deployments
Patricia Lester, William R. Saltzman, Kirsten Woodward, Dorie Glover, Gregory A. Leskin, Brenda Bursch, Robert Pynoos, William Beardslee

Families Overcoming Under Stress: Implementing Family-Centered Prevention for Military Families Facing Wartime Deployments and Combat Operational Stress
Patricia Lester, Catherine Mogil, William Saltzman, Kirsten Woodward, William Nash, Gregory Leskin, Brenda Bursch, Sara Green, Robert Pynoos, William Beardslee

The Long War and Parental Combat Deployment: Effects on Military Children and At-Home Spouses
Patricia Lester, Kris Peterson, James Reeves, Larry Knauss, Dorie Glover, Catherine Mogil, Naihua Duan, William Saltzman, Robert Pynoos, Katherine Wilt, William Beardslee

PTSD Symptoms and Family Versus Stranger Violence in Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans
C. P. Sullivan, E. B. Elbogen

Protective Factors and Risk Modification of Violence in Iraq and Afghanistan War Veterans
Eric B. Elbogen, Sally C. Johnson, H. Ryan Wagner, Virginia M. Newton, Christine Timko Jennifer J. Vasterling, Jean C. Beckham

Panel 3
Fostering Resilience in Families:  What Does the Science of Resilience Tell Us?

Helping military families through the deployment process: Strategies to support parenting
Abigail H. Gewirtz, Christopher R. Erbes, Melissa A. Polusny, David S. DeGarmo

Promoting Parenting to Support Reintegrating Military Families: After Deployment, Adaptive Parenting Tools
Abigail H. Gewirtz, Keri L. M. Pinna, Sheila K. Hanson, Dustin Brockberg

Competence, Risk, and Resilience in Military Families: Conceptual Commentary
Ann S. Masten

Resilience in Children Threatened by Extreme Adversity: Frameworks for Research, Practice, and Translational Synergy
Ann S. Masten

Enhancing Family Resilience through Family Narrative Co-Construction
William R. Saltzman, Robert S. Pynoos, Patricia Lester, Christopher M. Layne, William R. Beardslee

Mechanisms of Risk and Resilience in Military Families: Theoretical and Empirical Basis of a Family-Focused Resilience Enhancement Program
William R. Saltzman, Patricia Lester, William R. Beardslee, Christopher M. Layne, Kirsten Woodward, William P. Nash

Panel 4
Effective Programs and Interventions:  The Science of Program Evaluation

Adolescents’ and Parents’ Agreement on Posttraumatic Stress Disorder Symptoms and Functioning after Adolescent Injury
Angela Ghesquiere, Ming-Yu Fan, Lucy Berliner, Frederick P. Rivara, Gregory J. Jurkovich, Joan Russo, Wayne Katon, Douglas F. Zatzick

Empirically Guided Community Intervention for Partner Abuse, Child Maltreatment, Suicidality, and Substance Misuse
Richard E. Heyman, Amy M. Smith Slep, John P. Nelson

Public Health Approaches to Family Maltreatment Prevention: Resetting Family Psychology’s Sights From the Home to the Community
Amy M. Smith Slep, Richard E. Heyman

Longitudinal Effects of Universal Preventive Intervention on Prescription Drug Misuse: Three Randomized Controlled Trials With Late Adolescents and Young Adults
Richard Spoth, Linda Trudeau, Chungyeol Shin, Ekaterina Ralston, Clever Redmond, Mark Greenberg, Mark Feinberg

Addressing Core Challenges for the Next Generation of Type 2 Translation Research and Systems: The Translation Science to Population Impact (TSci Impact) Framework
Richard Spoth, Louise A. Rohrbach, Mark Greenberg, Philip Leaf, C. Hendricks Brown, Abigail Fagan, Richard F. Catalano, Mary Ann Pentz, Zili Sloboda, J. David Hawkins, Society for Prevention, Research Type 2 Translational Task Force, Members and Contributing Authors

A Randomized Stepped Care Intervention Trial Targeting Posttraumatic Stress Disorder for Surgically Hospitalized Injury Survivors
Douglas Zatzick, Gregory Jurkovich, Frederick P. Rivara, Joan Russo, Amy Wagner, Jin Wang, Chris Dunn, Sarah Peregrine Lord, Megan Petrie, Stephen S. O'Connor, and Wayne Katon

Panel 5
Military Families and Transitional Stress:  What Critical Information is Missing?

Psychological Fitness
Mark J. Bates, Stephen Bowles, Jon Hammermeister, Charlene Stoks, Evette Pinder, Monique Moore, Matthew Fritts, Meena Vythilingham, Todd Yosick, Jeffrey Rhodes, Craig Myatt, Richard Westphal, David Fautua, Paul Hammer, Greg Burbelo

Resources for Military Families Facing Multiple Deployments
Defense Centers of Excellence

Toward a Theory of Discontinuous Career Transition: Investigating Career Transitions Necessitated by Traumatic Life Events
J. Michael Haynie and Dean Shepherd

How Is Deployment to Iraq and Afghanistan Affecting U.S. Service Members and Their Families?
RAND, James Hosek (editor)

Education and Training Opportunities Brochure
Institute for Veterans and Military Families

A National Summit on Women Veteran Homelessness: A Leadership Dialogue
Institute for Veterans and Military Families

Veteran Homelessness Report, July 2013
Institute for Veterans and Military Families

Implementation and Dissemination of Military Informed and Evidence-Based Interventions for Community Dwelling Military Families
Robert A. Murphy, John A. Fairbank

Approaching Family-Focused Systems of Care for Military and Veteran Families
Shelley MacDermid Wadsworth, Patricia Lester, Christina Marini, Stephen Cozza, Jo Sornborger, Thomas Strouse, William Beardslee

Family Risk and Resilience in the Context of War and Terrorism
Shelley M. MacDermid Wadsworth

Additional Resources